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PAYOT ensures that Women & Men seeking authentic luxury can experience beautiful, forever-young skin.

Dedicated exclusively to skincare, the brand support from one generation to the next, at every moment of their life. It offers a unique experience with its professional salon treatments, and skincare products that reveal the beauty of everyone, in the privacy of their own home.

PAYOT offers a wide range of products that are catered to suit your needs. Ranging from products that are suited for sensitive skin to dehydrated skin, mature or young, PAYOT is suited for you.

All our products are available to purchase in store.



The perfect range of gentle daily cleansers and toners to suit all skin types.



The Source range is perfect for those with dehydrated skin.

This range has a moisturising care with an hydra defence complex, Leaving you skin hydrated & plumped.

Morning Mask.jpg

Morning Mask

5 Different lifestyle masks with hydrating, purifying, detoxifying, nourishing and smoothing properties

uni skin.jpg

Uni Skin

The Uni skin range creates a luminous effect, leaving your skin complexation even and enhanced.

creme no2.jpg

Creme N*2

The Crème N2 Range is perfect for sensitive skin as it strengthens the skin, reducing itchiness, redness and inflammation.

my payot.jpg

My Payot

This care range helps dull completions by infusing the skin with vitamins and nutrients.


Supreme Jenuesse

This premium range effectively fight against the visible signs of aging, wrinkles, dark spots, dehydration and much more.


Roselift Collegen

Roselift Collagène is a “slow age” firming range that supports women by slowing the effects of skin slackening for a better experience of ageing.



Experience of protected skin and a dream tan.

pate grise.jpg

Pate Grise

The Pate Grise range is the perfect range for those wanting purified and unclogged skin.

This Range will leave you with flawless, clear skin.

techni blue.jpg


A range of care that fights blue light age prevention.

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