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Advance Facials



A deep exfoliation of the skin, using precision cut diamonds. Effectively & comfortably removes dead dry skin cells revealing soft new skin.



Advance Facial


Helps refine the appearance of fine lines & wrinkes; enlarged pores; Acne & blackheads relaxing facial includes massage




LED  Light Therapy

Light activate rejuvenation system is a non invasive comfortable treatment and is safe for most skin types.



LED can be added to any Mircodermabrasion or Oxygen Therapy Facials

Extra $40


Mask- Collagen, Brightening, Oxygen, Acne, Vitamin C, Can be added to any L.E.D facial treatment.

Extra $15


An intensley hydrating treatment combined with micro-dermabrasion, leaving your skin looking younger, fresh and radiant.



oxygen therapy.jpg

Clinical Skin Clear

The Clinical Skin Clear System removes Minor Skin Irregularities Non-Invasively using combined Radio and High Frequency Technologies, as it is attracted to the Fluids in the Lesions and dries them out.


There is minimal discomfort for some, but healing time is short, ranging from 2 to 4 days for skin tags, to a couple of weeks for larger skin abnormalities such as telangiectasia, fibromas, cholesterol deposits or pustules.                                                       


 Starts from $50

Clinical Skin Clear
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