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Mayerling Skin Reneweal Peels

Introducing the new De Aging facial which is an effective anti-ageing series of in-salon treatments and a take-home product regime, that will deliver noticeable results.

The DeAgeing Facial is a two phase skin renewal system. It dramatically improves:

• Skin tone and texture
• Skin clarity and enlarged pores
• Pigmentation and discolouration
• Sun damage, sun spots, freckles
• Scars, broken capillaries, blemishes
• Lines and wrinkles

G20 Facial

45 minute facial


Mayerling G20 Glycolic acid peels are performed over a set period of time (weekly for 8 – 12 weeks). The procedure is simple. The G20 is painted on the skin for a predetermined period of time. This causes a controlled shedding of the top layers of skin cells. This is then replaced by new skin cells. Repeated and regular application to the skin diminishes wrinkles significantly and lightens aged or pigment spots. Clients should sustain their improvement with Mayerling’s Cosmeceutical home treatments which can be purchased in salon. 

S20 Facial

45 minute facial


Mayerling’s S20 Salicylic acid peels work in the same way but with the added benefit of being oil soluble. This allows it to penetrate through the lipid layers between the skin cells more readily.

Both acids work well on the skin’s surface to loosen old, dead skin and reveal fresh newer skin.

S20 works deeper and is able to penetrate into the pores and unclog them. It also has high antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which make it ideal for use in problem skin and acne.

Mayerling Skin Renewal Products


Cream Cleanser $65


Foam Cleanser $65


Exfoliating scrub $87


Day & Night cream $220


Detox Mask $152


Body Lotion $105


Anti-stress mask $152


Eye Cream $110


ADEC Cream $110


Dermal transfer serum $155


Before And After



There are packages available to purchase in-store today! these packages include multiple De aging peel treatments and take home products! Come in store to discuss more.

For more information on Mayerling products and peels, Click on the products above or Visit there website on 

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